Some impressions taken from our

handsome young men with beard
fun socks made in ireland showing irish landscape, cottage, cow and sheep.
Autumn forrest Fragrance from the burren perfumery made in County Clare Ireland.
Beautiful family holding up their favorite product Inis Home Fragrance.
the Irish wanderlust present number one. Irish turf cottages. Their smell will remind you of Ireland.
colourful 100% wool wrist warmers made in County Clare by McKernan.
Irish shamrock shortbread bisquits. These cookies are a real treat.
irische 100% pure new wool socks. irische wollsocken.
good looking Swiss newcomer comedian Myriam Sonanini holding some Irish ice in form of Connemara marbles from Ireland.
irish wool fat soap made in ireland county kerry.
good looking brunette woman holding her favorite Irish perfume Inis the energy of the sea.
gorgeous blonde holding crafts and design pieces made in Ireland
light blue voyager bag from Inis fragrances of ireland made in ireland.
sexy brunette with blue surf t-shirt on, holding the burren perfumery scent summer harvest in her hand.
colourful socks made in Galway saying Happy out.